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Make Your Own Custom Font

Make Your Own Custom Font

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Character Set

Have you ever wanted to create a font from your handwriting? Or maybe a font in a style that you can't find but always wanted to use in your designs? Or even a font full of custom dingbats? All of these ideas are possible and I'm here to help make it happen.

Here's how it works. When you purchase a custom font package from me, you get a set of templates and instructions which guide you through the process of drawing the characters for your font. Drawing your font characters can be done with Procreate for iPad, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator with the files I provide. If you prefer to sketch, paint, or draw by hand on a printed template, please contact me first so I can give you additional instructions for scanning or mailing your art to me. Once you've finished creating your letters, symbols, punctuation marks, etc., you upload the completed templates to me via a secure link. From there, I turn your drawings into a font and send the finished fonts files to you. The fonts can be used with any Operating System that supports .TTF TrueType or .OTF OpenType fonts.


  • Basic Latin: this set contains 104 characters. 52 upper and lowercase letters, 10 numbers, and 42 symbols, special characters, and punctuation marks.
  • Advanced Latin: this set consists of all the Basic Latin characters plus 104 additional glyphs for a total of 208 characters. (Refer to the Character Set Reference Sheet for the complete set of glyphs included with each option.)

What's included in your download:

  • Detailed instructions and character reference set sheet for drawing your custom font using the Procreate templates as an example
  • Procreate 5.3.1 and Adobe Photoshop 2023 .PSD templates with clearly labeled layers
    • 8192px x 6330px at 600ppi
  • Adobe Illustrator 2023 .AI files if you prefer to work in vector format
  • 8-1/2" x 11" printable .PDFs of the Basic Latin, Advanced Latin, and a Blank Lettering Template.
    • If you purchase the Basic Latin character set, you will receive only the Basic Latin files.
    • If you purchase the Advanced Latin set, you will receive both Basic and Advanced Latin files.
    • The printable .PDFs are great if you want to hand-draw your font instead of creating it digitally.
  • Blank Lettering Templates in .PSD, .PROCREATE, .PDF, and .AI formats for when typical lettering won't cut it.

If you need characters or symbols for your font that are not part of the Basic or Advanced Latin sets, I can add up to 10 additional glyphs for no extra charge. Just use the extra blank boxes on the 2nd page of the templates to include your art. Glyphs beyond the additional 10 will cost extra. Contact me for a quote before making a purchase.

Turnaround time is less than a week to create your font once I receive your files or your hand-drawn art.

Please note this service is for personal projects only. If you require a custom font for a commercial project, please get in touch for licensing information.

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